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Where the world of technology is moving fast we have the latest tech in our continuous sight.
We are developing, financing and supporting the latest on eg. blockchain tech.

Getting the basics right

To succeed with business(es) at hand it is of utmost importance to get the basics right. We are involved in every stage of businesses to aid entrepreneurs and executives getting the most of the business. Key elements we not only stress but also actively help set right.

Organisations need:

  • CRM to manage relations, sales and marketing
  • Finance systems to manage daily operations, cost and profitability
  • EPR to manage business planning and effective use of resources
  • HRM to support staff development and growth
  • and more ..

We are experienced in making business systems work and making business systems contribute to profitability. We help clients decide and ensure correct implementations.

The experience we offer for successful business basics implementations:

  • Reporting and Control
  • Matter expertise
  • Strategic, Tactical and Operational plans
  • Executive plan execution
  • Staff talent and skill development
  • Vendor management & Contracts
  • 'Internal issue' management and coaching


No business is at optimal performance when reporting and control are not (sufficient) in place. We don't mean elaborate, convoluted pieces of work, we mean the essentials which need to be managed on daily basis. 

With our clients, we identify their drivers and the key elements that must be managed. Without question in our top 10 are 'deliveries' to customers, staff effectiveness, running tasks, incoming sales, finance and budgets and progress of plans. These need to be right, these need to work every day and even when the 'chiefs' are away they must continue.

Complicated, not at all. In these basics, we often meet an 'over' dependency on 'systems'. We aid our clients, to get this right asap, by simple means every manager, department and employee can understand.

Manual reporting often improves direct management of issues and involvement of all executive staff in a good way anyway.

With 'the basics' in place, our clients at least know, a further 'loss' is prevented and daily business is at current optimal. Many of our clients are in progress with this technology stage. In this stage, we help clients implement systems to automate and improve work processes. Most notably CRM, Finance, ERP and HRM. In IT world version control, issue management, scrum management.



When you have implemented business systems such as CRM or Finance so many times as we have, you can be assured we have practically seen it all. We know what works, namely understand 'matter' ourselves, creating and managing solid plans, dealing with the reality of staff, matter and vendors, understanding decisions influence bottom line and profitability and need to be made at the level affected by them. 

We understand and support our clients managing executive levels, as we know and you know commissioners of projects are seen by staff as 'know-it-all' but we also know that reality is that no commissioner has the experience nor personality to manage these implementations right. We provide this proxy management to support perfect execution and preventing costly mistakes and delays.




Common misconceptions we help our clients overcome in the most positive manner are:

  • Vendors know what they are doing, they can handle 'this'
  • Staff will comply or be enthusiastic and will energetically join
  • Internal current issues and for example frictions, will not affect those implementations
  • More workshops, and involving everyone, is a good thing



  • Solid plans, our planning works, it works because we care for detail and understand where things go awry before they go awry.
  • Strategic, Tactical and Operation plans. Executives need to know when results are 'bankable', staff needs to know what to expect when and how.
  • Fail-safe, any plan needs a backup plan, insecurity and uncertainty kill progress, while smart plans secure success. This reduces stress and loss of productivity.
  • Talent development. Staff enjoy working in projects where their talents can develop and grow. Our plans secure that and are designed to do just that.
  • Pennywise, pound foolish. We know value and cost, we understand how penny-saving on a project can damage success, we manage cost for profitability together. 
  • Expertise. In our experience, there is no replacement for expertise. We provide the expertise or will create the expertise with staff and executives, success depends on it.
  • Solid Execution. Execution of projects, minute by minute, scrum, agile, remove obstacles when they happen, capture opportunity when they present themselves. 
  • Executive Management. A misconception and mental block in junior management is the management of executives. Our clients enjoy our open communication and getting executive decisions made on the executive level in time on time every time.

Business systems implementations the "Grey" way.

The Entrepreneurial approach.

Implementations benefit from our time-proven approaches where solutions are found in active and entrepreneurial ways. Experiences with successful implementations we enjoy sharing with clients.

experience from the trenches

I have been CIO for the better part of my life in private equity companies. There is only one goal: "to grow profitability and work towards Exit". In my daily work, we acquired companies from Telcos such as KPN or the Danish TDC. The first major activity our management has to perform is 'separation' from those selling companies.
This means, selection and implementation, within 2 years, of nearly every business system you can imagine while the shop stays open for business. You can imagine we developed the right tools, approaches, personalities and methods to be successful with that. In multi-projects, several implementations are running usually involving multiple departments. Often it comes down to the same small group of experts.
Implementations such as:
  • CRM,
  • Sales and Sales support
  • Business Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence
  • Finance systems
  • HR systems
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Order entry systems
  • Intranets and extranets
  • Management Information systems
  • and the list goes on ..

In top years over 300 successful projects per year are performed by project and architect staff, by me and fellow executives. An experience I enjoy sharing with clients and clients staff. Implementations that work due to dedication, expertise and project management approaches fit for large organisations and small alike.