Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

It is no longer a future, it is already in your present. On a daily basis we work, manage and give advice regarding AI. Businesses are benefitting from this new technology in sometimes unimaginable ways. Mass data is being transformed into Actionable information, mass behaviour is analysed into actionable intelligence. 

As entrepreneurs, we are at the forefront of these technologies where every day we see new application opportunities in our current or previous businesses. We help our clients find solutions for issues and more often we bring actively opportunities for them to exploit. We see the information and understand where AI can make that difference.



Our experienced CTO's and entrepreneurs support our clients with AI-thinking. The support as the architect of AI applications and the technical insight on how to create applications. Our network of contacts often provides solutions our CTO's can bring immediately to the table.

Design and architecture of an AI system often need the experience of how to Scale it up, how to expand it out of the laboratory. Issues our entrepreneurs have dealt with before. 

With our CTO service, our clients have the full time or part time support of additional brains making the AI work.

CTO Services cutting-edge AI technology


When it comes to process, people and budgeting our CIO services provides the answers. Experienced CIO's help clients identify business value and implement AI activities. A thorough understanding of the cost of people, systems and implementations supported by our CFO services and legal guarantee scaling up in business wise manner. And maximizing integration and synergies.

Starting or running an AI department is unlike many others. It is a department with both in-depth matter experts, AI specialists and software engineers. Data analysts use big data systems, software engineers the agile engineering methods. For successful use of AI in the organisation both systems, staff and processes need to be top notch. Our experienced CIO's help make sense of this and provide executives with operational and strategic support.

CIO services making ai a scaled business value


AI is a business. Although it is a technology, its use is only interesting when it solves business opportunities and issues. With our AI business service, we provide clients with CEO/Entrepreneurial management and consultancy to reach the maximum potential of the AI applications in the business.

Just like any other technology AI application needs tech savvy marketing, sales and entrepeneurial thinking to bring the application to the market, find new markets and optimize business value.

Business services Entrepreneurs to bring AI to the market.



AI development can have a significant business case. Recognizing the potential and acquiring the funding to maximize this potential is part of our investor services. It often starts with a business plan or business case, which our entrepreneurs can expand into global businesses. 

With our investment fund and our contacts to many investors, we provide the service of preparing the case for investment, creating investment memo's, representation in investment meetings and to secure the investments.

Investor services - entrepeneurs for funding AI success.