Blockchain technology

Cutting edge technology is finding its way to the general market. We see technologies such as Ethereum, Ziliqa, Fluree and IPFS becoming mature products and services. We are involved in organisations such as RABO and subsidiaries to implement successful trading platforms.

It is no longer a technology of maybe's, it is here, it is here to stay. 

How can we help you?

In our role as Investors and Executive management, we help clients be successful with blockchain applications. We understand blockchain technologies from bottom up.

Technology services

We offer services of design and management of technology. With our associates and accompanying IT Businesses, we tackle every aspect of blockchain startups. Especially resourcing of both smart-contract development and the full-stack applications that come with it. We manage teams and developments in cross-border organisations. We commit to results and become part of your winning team.

Business services / GDPR & Art 13

New rules and legislation from EU often offer excellent opportunities to blockchain startups and entrepreneurs. Our business services support blockchain organisations to identify and detail these opportunities. GDPR and Art 13 of privacy, for example, should be part of any blockchain initiative, especially the huge advantages they bring.

investor services

Our investment fund and the cooperation with the many other Investors in our contacts enable far-going services. Our services support Blockchain management in creating business cases and investment memo. We are ready to contact investors to support further success.

Amend weaknesses

We meet a common problem of having a 'strong technology' focus and with 'underdeveloped' business case and a weak or absent market approach. No wonder as the world of creating technology and finance and usage are far apart.



In our practice, we support clients with the creation of business cases. To find those investable rationales and bring the figures and opportunities together to make the new technology valuable. 

Business cases are no financial exercise. Creating business cases involves a thorough understanding of how the application is to be created, how it is to be marketed and how it will operationally be supported. Entrepreneurial thinking is required to add the many ways imaginable to create success. With our experience and many contacts in the business world, we often see new roads open to our clients.

Business cases are a financial exercise. The success of our investment fund relies on sound business cases on a due diligence of the financials, cost and opportunities. Our investor relations trust us to have judged and collected all information necessary for sound decisions. 



The market approach benefits from our entrepreneurial experience. We often see opportunities with our many contacts or experiences with launching products and services in new markets. Our Marketing entrepreneurs have successfully launched and marketed hundreds of services and products. Creating a successful market approach requires expert knowledge and understanding of those markets. Markets we in the course of our work for our companies, have studied again and again.

A successful market launch consists often of a whole suite of activities. From producing marketing materials to news agencies, organizing the many events and for example social media influencing. With our experience and contacts, we provide our clients with up-to-date and cost-effective management to create successful launches.



Finance and Investment. We look into key questions of when to ICO or when not to ICO and look for private investors. In our network and with our fund we help clients identify the optimal approach to secure the investments for further development of the technology.

It requires a strategy to answer the simple question "How to make the most money". We address topics such as the ICO multiple of private investments versus ICO results. Discuss matters such Intellectual Property and how to keep it. Blockchain applications can utilize both ICO, private investors and the IPO to raise sufficient capital. Often we see the different ways are an unfamiliar territory and we provide valuable alternatives to funding which result in a more successful outcome.

ICO, IPO service. We provide the service of ICO experts, CFO and Legal to guide and manage the whole process of the ICO or IPO.

We are entrepreneurs ourselves together with the many associates. Finding funding, ICO, IPO's is part of our daily life. We offer the benefit of those contacts and experiences.

Investor services  providing maximum funding capacity



blockchain impact analyses 


A key question many of our clients face is how Blockchain will affect their business. Shareholders need to be informed and business strategies need to be adopted to cope with upcoming disruptive technologies. 

We offer research into blockchain effects for the operational and strategic results of companies and create adaption strategies.

Experience from the trenches

In the last two years, my team and I have been actively involved in the creation of a great blockchain application.

In my role as architect and programme manager, much of my time is spent writing. Writing? Yes. It starts with the many design documents. Before any team can start building the design needs to be clear.


Reading the whitepapers and creating our own whitepaper is the first step. Next a thorough understanding of cryptography and using it in the design.

Business cases

When the technical side was on its way, we focussed on the business cases. Researching competitors, the market size, product cost and volumes. Steps necessary to create a solid and provable business case. 

product development. After this understanding of the various components creating the blockchain value, our attention turned to the many features and products which we need to create. A detailed document of product designs has been made.

Creation PLAN & cost. Having identified the market, whitepaper and products in scope we created the detailed manufacturing plans. Here questions regarding, what competencies are needed, and how many. How do we plan activities to not overlap or overburden the architects or developers? Then further detailing every cost of work, of offices, of meetings until we had a thorough picture of all the financial details of creation.

Market adoption

Which gave us the confidence to move to the next step in creating market awareness and adoption. In discussions with marketers and sales, we set out to detail the market approach. Identifying adoption obstacles and how to overcome them. This market plan is now a detailed plan of steps and activities which will drive adoption forward.


With those base components: White paper, Technology Design, Application designs, Product project plans, Marketing and Marketing adoption plan, Business cases we are not discussing with various investors on ROI, ICO returns and creating the proof of concept in the meantime.

While at the same time the website is being built, the ethereum address and further preparations for the upcoming ICO. 

Blockchain experience and entrepreneurial thinking a powerful combination