Big Data & Data is king

data is king

Data is king

It was true then and has become more true ever since. CIO's often head 'data-production', perhaps not as literally as in directories but still. Data drives business information and project success. 

Data production

We assist companies in setting up and running data production. It's a combination of highly technical skills getting the infrastructure right and very business skill to bring cost, quality and risk under control. Data production differs in many aspects from 'general' production (manufacturing). With a few poorly made decisions, stress or in a blink of the eye major disaster can have happened. Only to be found out when it's already out there.


Of the many examples available, just this one.
How a simple script-error resulted in
questions in parliament,
a 100M euro project
and a city in disarray

when you are dealing with information used by the general public, things can quickly go terribly wrong. The sheer amount of data in data production makes it difficult to assure quality. When the data is provided from several sources alarm bells should be ringing, nearly all the time. The number of mistakes that can be made is such a long list, I'll save it for the other post. In this case (and before my time) the Telco produced a directory having information from two main providers. The scripts merged the data and managed to scramble the data just slightly. But bad enough, looking up the fire department telephone number would give you someone else. In an entire city, connections could not be made, there were a public risk, confusion and anger. 

As media became aware, questions in parliament were raised, senior management sacked and a 100M project created to never have this again. The project CIOatWork finalized to a success. After 5 years, where 3 respectable project companies failed...

Data collection

As businesses have become more aware of the value of data. Data collection is being embedded into all business processes. This often leads to complicated projects aiming to collect data from different user  and customer interactions in various departments. To get this done right there is no room for silo thinking, the project, architects, developers, department heads and staff all need to be on board. Our services help you make a success of this.


Collecting data using unwilling parties

When collection business data is a matter of a few people under your control its an easy task. It gets more complicated collecting data when 'unwilling' or 'uninterested' parties are involved. In our examples, some parties stand out, vendors of systems, own sales and customer contact staff and third party collection. CIOatWork needs to get creative when vendors do not or only at great cost want to collect the required information in their systems. It is very likely that getting sales and customer contact to collect the information quickly becomes counterproductive. Getting additional data from third parties can become a project of intense problem. In our example, we needed to get the Telco to implement information collection from their some 2000 customer contact points and through their some 8 major legacy systems. An enormous task to assure priorities, progress, make the deals and more.

For this kind of business improvement, you had best bring the best tools to the table possible.

Business Intelligence

The image is taken from a SAS Business Intelligence magazine. Data is king as in Business Intelligence data driving the sales force and decision making. We can help you and your staff implement the Business Intelligence systems and more importantly help realize some complex business data transformations often necessary for success. We have headed BI systems and data production for many years under some pretty trying conditions. 


When sales effectiveness
was at a dramatic low.

To get the company from red into black sales efficiency had to improve significantly. This meant analysing the many million customer data, resetting sales goals, reinventing segmentations and more. A project where in the end only a hand-full of staff of most senior level could still understand what needed to be done. A project where regular departments were quickly out of their experience and comfort zone. Add on top of it the time pressure of 300 active salespeople on commission awaiting better information.

you'll understand we can offer you assistance in detailing the strategies, running the project, keep deadlines, keep everyone sane, make it a success.


Data security

There is no doubt data security is a concern to every CEO and CIO. Getting and keeping the data secure is an unusual complex task. From simple measures to complex organisational changes are needed. Security can be compromised through technology failure, but more often by social engineering.


a simple cartoon creating A fire fighting FLURRY

CIOatWork was heading the biggest search engines in Danmark when an unfortunate cartoon of the prophet was made.

This resulted in public out cry displayed on the news in every country. While politicians and public were arguing about it, Danish companies came under heavy cyber attack. Especially our very visible organization and search platforms. For weeks on end the hackers from abroad were trying to create havock. Security hole after hole we breached, continously improving procedures and technology to cope.

You'll understand we love to aid you and your organisation with our experiences.