Our methods

I have been responsible for over 400 projects usually business critical and cross departmental in various organisations.
The most succesful methods have proven to consist of:

  • Getting in-depth knowledge of the issues at hand - managing 'only' proces doesn't work.
  • Work with managers on all levels with a goal to make them succesful - seeing everyone as the enemy doesn't work.
  • Confront obstacles, head on with tact, humor and dedication - when it gets tough, tough it up too.
  • 'Build' an engine to conquer the obstacles and bring success - staf doesn't start excellent, but they do become excellent.

The key succes factors are creating trust with those trustworthy, create a solid project approach and remove whatever gets in the way with creativity and skill. Don't take my word for it, the results speak for themselves. 


Our logo represents the heroes. Thats not us, those heroes are the men and women in your organization, your vendors organisation who will make things happen, given a chance to perform. Our method is creating those circumstance where ordenary man and women can do extra-ordenary things. 


possible outcome for you

Our skills are honed to achieve EBITDA and multiple contribution. This means short term cost reduction and margin improvement and long term OPEX reduction and long term better strategic business valuation.

How does that work:

By analysing business and IT cost and your business goals, I can advice you where opportunities of improvement can be found. Followed by managing a process of decision making by you and your staff on defining a core programme.

Typically such a programme consists of:

Vendor changes, IT cost reduction, IT delivery improvement, Quality of business information improvement, aligning Business and IT. Prioritized on improving margin (Sales enabling) and improving how much/what quality the organisation can deliver.

Typically this entails projects like:

  • budget regrip - getting a good grip on cost, budget, invoices
  • backlog regrip - getting good grip on real backlog - real deliveries - real open issues
  • architecture regrip - real understanding of where IT, projects, business is working too
  • IT performance improvement
  • IT quality improvement
  • IT cost reduction
  • Insourcing - the parts not delivering as they should - cleanup and perhaps outsource again
  • Outsourcing - outsourcing parts where business value is created instead of wasted
  • implementing Off- & Near shoring for durable long term cost and quality improvement
  • Realizing projects delivering IT improvements, applications, systems
  • Realizing projects delivering process clearity
  • Realizing projects with HR on organisation roles, responsibilities and competences

May sound like a daunting task? It is not. Everyone in the organisation, wants it, needs it, hopes for it..

  • These projects will succeed:
  • by training senior staf, on the job, while at it
  • by coaching those needing it, Senior staff, your team and employees
  • by clear communication, clear next steps, clear achievements
  • where staff will take pride in accomplishments setting the stage for more success.

Think of us as your:

interim management, programme management, project management, board- and department management.

a taste of CIO at work results

  • added significantly to EBITDA
  • added significantly to strategic improvement
  • Separation/Carve out of organisations from Telco
  • created legal framework and architecture
  • managing several legal disputes some full time
  • implemented business processes
  • implemented superior project management
  • implemented service management
  • realized several multi-organisation spanning programmes
  • realized several complex legacy transformations
  • realized IT and other department efficiency improvements
  • managed several takeover/insourcing programmes
  • managed multi-national implementations

Resulting in signicant share holder value, improved organisation AND much more happy organisations the they were before.

A wise CEO once said to me:

Give your senior staf a break,

don't risk a 'manager' to 'try' a CIO's work

it doesn't work, it will fail so miserably at your expense.

She was right:

just Call me and my staff..
we are here to help you and your team.